LOVIN ANATOLII - biography


Born on February 4, 1961 in the village of Lasytsi, Sasiv area, Ryazan region, in a large family. His parents, Ivan Stepanovych and Lyubov Serhiivna, were involved in agricultural activities and all he children, who helped the parents from early childhood, new how hard it was to work on land.

il76In 1976, Anatolii Lovin finished an eight-year school in the village with a romantic name Cape of Good Hope, which was in the same area and region. His parents moved to that location for permanent dwelling and were buried there.

He finished the Secondary School in 1978, in the village of Voskhod (Penky), to reach which he had to walk 12 kilometers and during the winter he lived in a school boarding house.

Any boy in his childhood dreams of becoming a pilot, but Anatolii Lovin realized his dream. In 1978, he became a student of Balashov Higher Military Aviation College of pilots named after Air Chief Marshal A.A.Novikov (the city of Balashov, Saratov region). Anatoliy Lyovin graduated with Honors in 1982 with a qualification of Pilot-Engineer.

During his studies in the College, he was awarded the Frunze Scholarship for outstanding results in studying aviation technology and flying.

In 2006, Anatolii Lovin got another university-level degree by graduated from the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, with a major in Public Development Administration.


From 1982 till 1992, he held managerial posts in the Soviet Army in command positions in the Baltic region, Central Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan. He carried out tasks in the 224 th State Aviation Detachment (Moscow). Anatolii Lovin served in many military actions areas both within the USSR and foreign countries. His military rank is colonel, 1-st class a military pilot, 1-st class pilot-instructor of Civil Aviation.
In 2006, he became a state servant of the 1-st rank1 (category).

In 1993-1994, he was Deputy Head of Flying Training Department of the Ministry of General Machine Building, and later on airline company "Aviaobshemash" (Moskow).

During 1994-2002, he held managerial positions in air companies, aviation companies (Ukraine), President of "TITAN" concern. A self-contained system of operation, service and repair of aviation equipment was established, with a total number of more than 1000 employees.
"A.T.I." air company was established by him in 1995. This company was the biggest cargo air carrier in Ukraine and Asian-African region up until 2001, when it was deliberately destroyed by the "law-enforcement" bodies of Ukraine on the request of the competitors. Later on, the competitors ransacked the property belonging to the company and Anatolii Lovin.

He was also deprived of control over another air company "SILK-WAY" (Azerbaijan), which is currently the biggest cargo air company in this country, due to deliberate actions on part of the same "law-enforcement" bodies of Ukraine.
Until 2001, Ukraine controlled by means of Anatolii Lovin's organizations almost 100% of the market of cargo air transportation in Azerbaijan. Given relatively cheap fuel and good geographical location of the country, it was possible to control almost all cargo air transportation in the region.
Anatoliy Lyovin holds the position of the President of "TITAN" Concern.


VRUDuring 2002-2006, he was People's Deputy of Ukraine of IV convocation. Anatolii Lovin held the post of First Deputy Head of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Transport, Communications, Building and Housing, and Communal Services.
He is the author and co-author of many bills related to activities of the Committee. Anatolii Lovin was also Head of the Interim Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Investigation of the Crisis in Ukrainian Aviation. While holding this post, he made utmost efforts to prevent the Ukrainian aviation from being stolen and destroyed.

In 2004, Anatolii Lovin initiated and directly participated in the design and adoption on the Inter-Governmental level of a project to create on the territory of Azerbaijan a joint Ukrainian-Azerbaijani Center for education and battle training of pilots.
During the implementation of this project, Ukraine would have benefited not only from its military presence in the region in terms of political influence, but it would have had a chance to train its combat pilots, using cheap Azerbaijani fuel at a price five times lower than the market price. And Ukraine would not have paid in cash, but by means of the written-off property of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine at market prices. Unfortunately, this project was "successfully" torpedoed by the Government of Ukraine. This Center was established and operates successfully, but without Ukraine.

In 2006, Anatolii Lovin prevented the International State Airport "Boryspil", which is the main air gate of Ukraine, from unauthorized seizure by a group of people.
Within the period 2003 till 2006, he represented Ukraine in the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of CIS countries, and was working in the Committee of Fighting against Organized Crimes. Anatoliy Lyovin was the author and co-author of several laws.

From 2001, he initiated more than 2000 court hearings, both in Ukrainian and international courts, regarding the protection of rights and freedoms, establishment of law and order. Under these lawsuits, defendants were mainly governmental bodies and employees, even the President of Ukraine. Because of these initiatives, Anatolii Lovin has many enemies, who constantly disseminate discrediting and untrue information about him in mass media, trying to distort the details of his work. Many times he was subjected to physical assaults.

In 2006, the President of Ukraine ordered to provide Anatoliy Lyovin with protection from possible physical assaults.

At the same time, state authorities of Ukraine for a prolonged period of time violate his rights and freedoms; do not implement court decisions, which have entered into force; deliberately do not apply, apply selectively or disregard application in relation to him the norms of the Constitution of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine and international treaties of Ukraine, which are ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and are a part of Ukraine national legislation.

Currently, the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg) accepted for review the complaint Anatoly Levin's about numerous violations of his rights and freedoms by state authorities of Ukraine.

Anatolii Lovin is a pilot-instructor.

He flies several plane types of Soviet, Ukrainian and foreign design.

While flying, he has been to almost every corner of the world. He has repeatedly visited all of the continents, including Antarctica.

His main hobbies and interests are: extreme, flying, hunting, diving, books, nature.

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